Online Glossary

Here is a short Bingo Glossary which would help you to understand what's going on in bingo halls: Admission – Used to explain an allowed entrance to a bingo hall or to partake in a bingo game. After Game – The game played after the final round of a bingo meeting takes place. Blackout – A game structure in which you must face all the numbers of the bingo tag in order to triumph. Dauber – The only pens allowed in bingo halls for marking on bingo cards. Face – Bingo card. Free Space – The center figure of the bingo ticket. Jackpot – A relatively big award. Outside Square – a pattern in which a player must fill up the "B"/"C" row and top and bottom rows. Quickie – A rapid session of bingo where numbers are called fast. VFW – A given name used for bingo halls.

Hopefully these terms would help you understand what's going on in bingo halls. Feel free to send me e-mails, I'm always happy for comments.