Bingo Tournamnets

Bingo is considered to be a "soft" gambling game due to the low price of the bingo cards and the relatively small value of the prizes. For example, in Texas the amount any bingo player may win cannot exceed $3000 in one session and usually regular bingo cards would cost $1-$2 and no more. The same goes for online bingo with one difference – the prizes' value. Bingo halls are psychically limited by their space and therefore cannot sell more than a certain amount of cards – thus limiting their prizes' value. Online bingo sites can host thousands of players all at once which means that they have a bigger budget than ordinary land based bingo halls.

Online bingo tournaments offer thousands of dollars every month as first prize. The first online bingo tournament took place in 2004. It was conducted by a company or any bingo operator but actually a virtual of bingo players who decided to make their own tournament. More than 3,500 players subscribed to the competition and paid $15 each, thus a pot of over $50,000 was raised. The first prize was $30,000, second $10,000 and third prize was $7,500. The rest of the funds were also distributed. Not even a buck was hold back from the players.