Bingo Chat Acronyms for Online Players

The Online Bingo craze has finally reached you. You've already experienced the thrill of joining an internet Bingo game. You've also noticed that the virtual Bingo game can also capture your interest the same as Bingo for charity events - but, is there any difference?

Bingo Online is more likely the same as playing at actual Bingo events - the desire to have fun and the goal of winning money remains. As a social activity, an online Bingo site also gives you chance to get to know fellow players. You may consider them your virtual Bingo table neighbors. Just like Bingo games at your community social halls, you wouldn't want to pass up the chance to chat with other players. This is considered to be a positive part of the online Bingo experience. While you play Bingo, why don't you start a few conversations with your fellow players?

First, you should start brushing up on your online Bingo chatting skills. Yes, online Bingo chat has a different way of conveying messages, and that is through Bingo chat acronyms. These are the main Bingo Chat acronyms that can help you maximize your whole online Bingo experience:

GL: When you're about to start the game, why don't you wish your online bingo neighbor GL, or "Good Luck"? This kind of good will might even attract luck and increase your chances of winning. You'll never know unless you try.

10x or THX/TNX If your fellow bingo player wishes you GL, you can appreciate this move by typing 10x, or Thanks. But, if you are the one being thanked, then type YW (you're welcome).

ASL If you want to get to know your fellow players, type ASL which means age, sex and location. But if your fellow chatters ask you for your ASLP, that means they don't just want to know your age sex and location. They are also curious about how you look, so send them your picture, if you desire to honor the request.

?4U This means your fellow bingo player wants to ask you a question.

GG Typing this means you appreciate your fellow neighbor's "Good Game". But, you can still opt to say WTG, which means Way to Go!

TMA This means you might have found a friend amongst your fellow chatters on how to make a good move. Your new friend just means to say, "Take My Advice".

LOL Since one of the intentions is to have fun while playing Bingo, some players might crack a joke. You might find yourself "Laughing Out Loud". Tell them that the joke was really funny. But, if you find it very humorous, then type ROTFL, or "Rolling On The Floor Laughing".


Saying goodbye is easy enough to abbreviate after each Bingo game. Type B4N to say "Bye for Now". If you're planning to join the game later, then type BBIA, or "Be Back In A Bit".

You'll find, once you join in at an online Bingo site's chat board, you'll see a lot of these symbols appearing in the exchanges between players.