Be In With The Bingo Lingo

It is always said that bingo is all about getting a good chance in order to win. It is an effortless game that can be played by any individual on a bingo game hall or via online. A lot of online bingo gaming web sites have actually free online bingo games.

As a newbie in playing the game of bingo, one might get confuse of the alphabet and other characters that are exchanged in the chatting area while the game keeps on rolling.

So, to be able to blend with the rest of the online bingo players and to keep up with the steady pace of virtual caller, it is important to at least know some of the shorthand for various general expressions used by online bingo players.

Listed below are some of the samples of the most commonly used abbreviations that one may encounter online.

17 (or any number from 1 through 75) - Sometimes a bingo player needs an I-17 for him to win. He may just type "17" in the chat room in order to share his excitement to get the number or to ask for good luck.

pls - Of course, this means "Please." - Sometimes a bingo player is a number away from going bingo to get the big jackpot. The player may type in the chat room area, "17 pls." if needs I-17.

gl - short for "good luck!"

wtg - short for "way to go!" This is a common expression when someone wins on the online bingo game. One may actually see an outpour of wtg's in the chat room from most players.

gj - short for "good job!" Sometimes this expression is used instead of "wtg"

tyvm - short for "thank you very much." This expression is used to exhibit gratitude to all well-wishers in the chat room.

gg - short for "good game." This expression is common to players who are good sport.

brb - short for "be right back." Players often utilize "brb" during coffee breaks or to answer the phone or to run on some errands.

lol - short for "laughing out loud." This is commonly used to tell everyone that he is laughing over a joke shared in the chat room.

rotfl - short for "rolling on the floor laughing." This expression is used for a really funny joke.

Now one is familiar with the online shorthand vocabulary, it will be easy for him to socialize and enjoy the online bingo game with all the other players.

All bingo players whether online or in gaming halls have nothing much to do to affect or predict the numbers that will be called out during a bingo session. Bingo is most often played for relaxation and entertainment.