Bingo Games Go Mobile

Abiro, one of the companies that is currently offering mobile phone subscribers a mobile phone casino service is now adding bingo games as their newest mobile game service in their company portfolio.

Bingo enthusiasts will have the privilege to play their favorite game wherever they are and whenever they like it, at any given time in the day. There is a bingo raffle every five minutes and big jackpots that can be won as many as six time each day.

To enable the game on your mobile phone, the user has to download a free casino application on their mobile. After that, they need to pay for the charge of the bingo game, which they can continue play even if they suffer a radio drop-out.

The added chance of being able to play bingo matches Abiro's existing offer which includes other casino games like blackjack,poker and roulette.

The Chief Executive Officer of Abiro, Mr. Anders Borg, said that the whole concept of a mobile casino was not popular and a dim prospect, especially in the early part of 2005, but they believe that this market has a very large untapped potential in the long run.

Java enabled mobile phones worldwide are already in the millions so there are a lot of potential customers out there for these kind of things and playing games is a good way to kill time while waiting for someone.