75-ball Bingo Game: Daub a Hit, Win a Pattern

Statistics show that 75-ball bingo is the preferred game (over 90-ball bingo) by players in North America and Canada. A 75-ball bingo game uses a card which has 5 horizontal squares intercrossing 5 vertical squares. A 75-ball bingo card, therefore, has 25 squares. However, only 24 of these squares are actually numbered. The middle square is known as free space. Every column, except N (it's middle square is the free space), has five numbered spaces.

The letters BINGO corresponds to a column in a bingo card. B tops the first column; I, the second column; N, the third column; G, the fourth column; and O, the last column.

B column bears numbers 1 through 15. I column bears numbers 16 through 30. N column bears numbers 31 through 45. G column contains numbers 46 through 60. O column bears numbers 61 through 75. This is the arrangement of numbers in a bingo card such that when a ball is drawn, both the letter and the number are announced. For instance, the caller may yell G46! B15!

A 75-ball bingo game uses 75 numbered balls. One after another a ball is drawn randomly by a bingo machine. A bingo caller calls out the letter first and then the number. An electronic call or flashboard then displays the number. Players check their cards to see if they have a hit. If they do, they either use bingo chips or a dauber to mark the number.

The object of a 75-ball bingo game is to reach a pattern. Typically, the patterns that are used in 75-ball bingo are horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns. A 75-ball bingo game may also play some other patterns like diamond, four corners, diamond, and coverall. If a player creates any such pattern on their card, the player gets the pot money. The balls are then returned to the container, and another drawing of balls begins.

To join a 75-ball bingo game, a player has to buy a card or a number of cards. In some bingo halls, a maximum limit may be imposed on the number of cards that any one player can purchase. The cost of a bingo card varies from one bingo hall to another.

A player's object in a 75-ball bingo game is simply to create a pattern on a bingo card. A 75-ball bingo game is a game of luck as much as games where drawing of balls is involved like keno and lottery. Nonetheless, 75-ball bingo remains the much-preferred game by players from North America and Canada.