Bingo History

Bingo is an old game, which roots date back to Italy of the 16th century. There it was used to increase the state's revenue without the need to collect more taxes from the Italian people. It was named "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia". Though little traces remained to tell the story of the early days of bingo it is not hard to compile the minute evidences into a whole story. In 1530 Italy was reunited by the Italy's proud ruler and it became a weekly event that lasted through the centuries till present days.

Bingo then moved on by rich mercenaries and merchants to France, there it was accepted with great enthusiasm by the upper class. In 1780 it was played in the royal court by the royal entourage and the king himself. The early days of bingo were a lot fancier than current version. The prizes were horses, jewelries, mansions and more. After 1780 the game quickly spread to other European nations.

In the 50's bingo received an official status by most states in the US and it then entered what later known as "bingo halls", which were created by private bingo operators, these were meant to replace the bingo played in churches for more than twenty years. Nowadays bingo is even played online and virtual bingo domains can be found in dozens all over the Internet. Though in some states it is illegal to gamble online most authorities tend to ignore online bingo participators You can profit from your poker games with the online casino bonus.
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